DirectTrack Frequently Asked Questions

DirectTrack offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about our features and functionality. Click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers relating to your selection. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website. Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact page.

What is DirectTrack? (top of page)

DirectTrack is a globally recognized affiliate tracking platform that powers more top-tier affiliate programs and online ad networks than any other solution on the market. DirectTrack is a powerful, intuitive and feature–rich, Web-based solution that can easily be private–labeled, custom–configured and scaled around a diverse range of business models, verticals and online strategies. DirectTrack provides the tools, resources and flexibility to launch a custom-branded affiliate network in as little as 24 hours. DirectTrack offers unique features including an industry exclusive ad–sharing marketplace, custom application programming interfaces, and optimized ad serving. In addition to cookie–based tracking, DirectTrack offers cookie–less tracking, allowing users to associate unmatched conversions through Recency, X-Forwarded-for ID, Session ID and User IP address. Click here to schedule a demo and learn more.

How do I set-up my DirectTrack account and what are my options? (top of page)

Set-up your account
Customize email messages sent to affiliates, create an affiliate sign up page, edit your affiliate agreement, and build a private–labeled look and feel for your interface.

Manage your affiliates
Approve or deny potential affiliates that apply for your programnetwork manually or by establishing auto approval/denial criteria to scrub affiliate information submitted through your customizable sign up form.

Create and launch an advertising campaign
Upload your banners and/or text creatives, implement tracking information, activate your campaign and notify your affiliates.

Track your results
DirectTrack maintains real-time statistical information for efficient performance monitoring of campaigns and provides quickly make adjustments to optimize each campaign.

Pay your affiliates
Select your monthly billing script day and DirectTrack compiles all detailed records of clicks, leads and sales generated by your affiliates into a payout report. DirectTrack computes your affiliate payouts based on the criteria you establish in your account.

Additional Account Options

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How are clicks tracked? (top of page)

DirectTrack uses the following methods to track clicks:

  • Cookie-based Tracking
    When a visitor views one of your affiliate´s sites, emails, newsletters, etc. and clicks on one of your banners, text, or HTML ads, that visitor is instantly redirected through DirectTrack servers and onto your landing page. During this process, DirectTrack drops a cookie on the visitor´s computer. Since DirectTrack tracks unique clicks by default, if the same visitor were to click the same link within 24 hours, DirectTrack would not track the click again. However, you are able to adjust the click cookie expiration to specify the time period that defines a unique click. This expiration can be set so that each click is tracked no matter how often the same visitor clicks in a day or so that the click cookie lasts the life of the campaign.

  • DirectLink
    This option does not require a redirect through the DirectTrack servers. By placing a JavaScript code on your landing page(s), the JavaScript reads the location of where the user is being redirected from and places the cookie on their computer. This option is for individuals who are concerned with Search Engine Optimization. One of the metrics that search engines use to rank websites is the traffic that is generated to them. With DirectLink, all traffic is sent to the landing page that you have defined in the linking URL field of your creatives instead of using the standard redirect model.

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How are leads & sales tracked? (top of page)

DirectTrack uses the following methods to track leads and sales:

  • Cookie–less Tracking
    Even if a user clears or blocks their cookies, a lead or sale can still be assigned to an affiliate based on information associated with the click. Users are able to associate unmatched conversions where the click and the conversion store similar information. Examples include: Recency, X-Forwarded-For ID, Session ID and User IP Address.

  • Cookie/Pixel system
    This method functions through cookie placement on a user´s computer, which is initiated by the user´s click. The cookie interacts with a pixel code that is placed on a confirmation, check-out or thank you page on the advertiser´s site. The pixel tracking reads the cookie on the user´s machine and credits the appropriate affiliate with the lead or sale.

  • Hosted Lead Form
    By using this method of lead tracking, you can build your own lead form within DirectTrack and drive traffic directly to this lead form or allow affiliates to grab the code and post the lead data into your DT system. The advertiser is able to pull the data from DirectTrack by manually exporting, batch emailing, http post, or sending the data via a SOAP API call.

  • Sub-ID Tracking
    This option involves passing the affiliate ID directly to the advertiser´s landing page in order to track leads and sales. This allows the advertiser to associate any lead or sale with the affiliate ID on their end and pass that data via a SOAP API call back into your DirectTrack system. This method requires a higher level of integration and programming, but is beneficial to those who are concerned with cookies being deleted by a user.

What type of commission structures does DirectTrack support? (top of page)

DirectTrack has multiple campaign types. Each campaign can be set up with different commission structures. You can pay affiliates for sales (Cost Per Sale or CPS) as either a percentage of the sale or a flat sale amount. You can also pay affiliates for sales on individual products. You also have the option to commission affiliates on repeat purchases, also called sub-sales, or on an ongoing revenue-share model (subscription basis).

In addition to sales, you can commission affiliates for leads (Cost Per Action or CPA), clicks (Cost Per Click or CPC), and impressions (Cost Per Thousand Impression or CPM). DirectTrack also supports hybrid payouts. For instance, you can pay an affiliate a flat fee per lead and a percentage of sale, all from one affiliate click.

In addition, there is an advanced campaign type called CoRegistration (CoReg). CoReg is like a CPA program that allows you to pay affiliates a commission per lead as the user fills out multiple lead forms within an incentivized path. Click here to learn more by scheduling a demo.

Who owns the data collected in my DirectTrack account? (top of page)

We respect your privacy, therefore all data collected in your DirectTrack account belongs to you. This includes all affiliate information, financial information, statistics, and creatives. We do not touch the data or share it with any other party. All data is saved and stored from the initial opening of your DirectTrack account.

How is the pricing model structured for DirectTrack? (top of page)

DirectTrack offers network and merchant versions with features that accommodate your business requirements. Each version of DirectTrack includes an initial licensing cost and a monthly hosting fee. The monthly fee covers product updates, support (levels depend on the version your business needs), and traffic levels. We also offer services to help you manage your affiliate program or design your website and/or creative. Please contact us for further information by calling 866.773.4460 extension 2 or email us.

How reliable is DirectTrack? (top of page)

Since 1997, DirectTrack continues to set the bar as the premier affiliate marketing and tracking software solution in the world. DirectTrack is the only independently audited and certified technology solution on the market to feature a robust combination of cookie–based and multi–session (cookie–less) tracking methodologies with each and every click/conversion. DirectTrack powers more top–tier affiliate programs and online ad networks than any other solution on the market. Click here to learn more by scheduling a demo.

Is it possible to host DirectTrack on other servers? (top of page)

Since our enterprise data center is designed to handle substantial traffic volumes and provide data security, it is recommended that the DirectTrack platform remains hosted on our servers.

How does DirectTrack monitor fraud? (top of page)

DirectTrack´s FraudMeter includes management and reporting tools to monitor and prevent fraud. This includes automated monitoring through a point system to categorize and determine fraudulent activity. You can select parameters in your account based on key elements that indicate fraud. Fraud can instantly be caught based on your determined conversion threshold and prevented by your selection of auto–denial criteria based on location, IP address, Website URL, and any other parameters that you create.

FraudMeter also offers an exclusive method for keeping fraudulent affiliates away by scrubbing our database of all previous fraudulent affiliates that other DirectTrack-powered networks and merchants have terminated from their affiliate programs.

In addition to FraudMeter, DirectTrack has integrated TARGUSinfo´s On-Demand Verification, a solution that offers immediate confirmation of applicant information. This includes name, address, phone number, and additional data such as wireless, VOIP and other nonpublic phone numbers. This option will supply a Quality Value Score for you to base your approval or denial decision. Your TARGUSinfo based decisions are tracked through a report that matches commissions generated by the applicant was classified, allowing you to adjust the way Quality Value Scores are classified.

Click here to schedule a demo of DirectTrack´s FraudMeter capabilities.

How can DirectTrack help promote my offers?

DirectTrack´s unique, industry exclusive ad–sharing marketplace (known as CrossPublication) displays your campaigns in front of 350+ participating networks and more than 500,000 affiliates. You can exponentially expand your campaign´s reach with this patent–pending advertising portal. Your campaigns can launch immediately into our ad–sharing and distribution marketplace. Click here to learn more information on CrossPublication.

How do I contact technical support? (top of page)

Since the world of affiliate marketing never sleeps, neither do we! DirectTrack technical support representatives are available at and 866.773.4460 extension 4. We also offer a 24/7 support line available even during holidays.

Are training options available? (top of page)

We offer a variety of consulting services designed to enhance the profitability of your network and accommodate your evolving business needs. Our creative services team can design, customize or incorporate your branded look and feel directly into the platform. Our managed services team offers a dedicated approach to running your network´s day–to–day operational duties. We also provide opportunities for you and your staff to enroll in custom training tailored around your specific business needs, as well as offering courses through DirectTrack University–which will further develop your online marketing skills while providing you and your team with a stronger understanding of the global affiliate marketplace. Please click here for further details on our diverse service offerings.